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Franchises and SEO

Franchises and Search Engine Optimization A major problem for most franchisees is lack of local and regional discovery via search engines for individual franchises and their websites. This is compounded with financial services franchises typically limited in the kinds of external advertising allowed by the franchiser. The Catch-22: The franchiser limits independent marketing initiatives and the franchisee suffers because of their difficulty in drawing localized traffic to their website. Often the financial services franchisee is shackled by legal restrictions, a specific eCommerce market...
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Setting Up Email on Smart Phones and Pads

  Setting up email on some phones can be a little tricky. Here are the following parameters you typically need to input during the installation process. Email type: POP or POP3 User Name is the SAME as your email address! Password is....your password. Incoming Mail Server:     (if using this system) Outgoing Mail Server: Incoming Mail Port (POP3): 110 Outgoing Mail Port (SMTP): 587 Check or Affirm: My outgoing mail server (SMTP) requires authentication. Input the above critera as you work your way through the set up wizard ...
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Blog Post Tips – for Minnesota Bloggers

How to BLOG Post for SEO in Minnesota Here's a "How-To" I just sent to a new Minnesota customer on getting the most SEO out of your BLOG posting. In order to have your blog posts attract the attention of the search engines, you need to do several things correctly. Below is a summary of the key elements. Choose a topic of interest to your main target audience. Choose a pertinent CATEGORY for your post, you can use more than one if relevant. Make sure you choose several pertinent keywords. Use the Google External Keyword Tool, found here:
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Build a Referral Marketing Strategy: Tip #1

A good referral marketing strategy is absolutely essential in growing your small business. This article deals with letting your customers find more customers for you. Once you get a good referral program up and running, it will essentially run itself. There are three main reasons why a solid referral marketing strategy can be so powerful. People feel more comfortable when a product or service is recommended by someone they know and trust. This is especially true if the product or service is expensive. Referred customers are typically less price sensitive. A prospect that comes to you...
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Setting Runmail on an IPhone or Droid

Here is the method to set up your IPhone or Droid for using the Runmail (and other) system(s) as well. We suggest using the IMAP vs the POP system. The IMAP leaves messages on the server in case one wants to retrieve them from multiple locations. Here are the settings: Incoming mail server: server (POP3/IMAP): user: full email address password: email password Outgoing mail server: server: port: 587 user: full email address password: email password Server requires authentication: YES Server requires a secure connection (SS...
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