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Windows 10 vs Windows 7

Windows 10 better than Windows 7. Here is  a post from a trusted programmer friend of mine: Scott Jibben (Runspot) for those of you that are gun-shy after the Windows 8 debacle. For those of us that had to uninstall the disaster that was Windows 8 and replace with the trusty 7, you may have major reservations on jumping into Windows 10. There are a few  things you should know. 1. Windows Media Center is no longer supported or allowed on Windows 10.  This software is used to record/play TV (with a TV tuner card) and most people do not use it (I do...).  Most people will use Windows M...
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A Crash Course in Email Marketing

It’s 9 a.m. on the second Tuesday of the month. You’ve got just two and a half hours to pull together the same old newsletter that you send out at the same time every month, come rain or shine. Only problem is that you’ve nothing to say. So you scramble around looking for some half-decent offers, copy and paste some loose news and send out to your entire list without giving any real thought to the subject line. And then … nothing. If this sounds like your email marketing strategy – you’re not alone. It’s time for a crash course in email marketing. Rule #1 – Be re...
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Writing Enticing Product Descriptions

Seven Tips for Writing Product Descriptions That Sell! 1. Familiarize yourself with the target audience Amazingly, most people completely ignore their target customer when writing product descriptions. However, the site visitor is the key to how the copy is shaped, the tone it takes and which angle is used to communicate the benefits. For example, let's look at a box of gourmet chocolates. If your target audience consists of gourmet chocolate lovers, you'll want to focus on the distinctiveness of your flavors, the quality of the ingredients or perhaps the luxurious texture. What if, on ...
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How Merchant Accounts Work

When it comes to accepting credit and debit cards, the process may be more involved than you might think. Rather than having the customer swipe the card and the money landing in your bank account, there is an entire process called merchant services that you need to know about. It only takes seconds for most of it, but there are still different things that happen every step of the way. 1. You receive the customer's credit card. This can be done with a physical swipe process (or by entering the number manually at the credit card terminal), or it can be entered as a card number through you...
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