Blog Post Tips – for Minnesota Bloggers

How to BLOG Post for SEO in Minnesota

Here’s a “How-To” I just sent to a new Minnesota customer on getting the most SEO out of your BLOG posting. In order to have your blog posts attract the attention of the search engines, you need to do several things correctly. Below is a summary of the key elements.

  1. Choose a topic of interest to your main target audience.
  2. Choose a pertinent CATEGORY for your post, you can use more than one if relevant.
  3. Make sure you choose several pertinent keywords. Use the Google External Keyword Tool, found here: You’ll recall we randomly put in keywords and will use the most popular words, since that is what your targets are using.
  4. Make sure you add a pertinent GEOGRAPHICAL tag to the keyword string.
    For example: “maple grove mn mobile drug testing”. This should be part of the Title, headline and part of the first sentence of the first paragraph. Also put it in the meta information in the SEO section below the content area.
  5. Once you have the title and content placed in the New Post, try to make a link or two with keywords that relate to other pages in the website. The best way to do this is navigate to said page(s) and copy (Ctrl + C) the URL from the address window on your browser. Then go back to the admin, highlight the keywords and click the link (looks like a chain in the tool bar). Paste (Ctrl+V) into the Link Window.
  6. Remember to place a “More Tag” break after the first couple of sentences. See below.
  7. Break up any extended content into paragraphs and use headlines and headings to draw attention to specific items.
  8. Don’t forget to add a meta title and description in the SEO region below the posting area. This will also help immensely.