New Emerging Mobile Marketing Trends – Peaking Over the Fence

Marketing technology is moving so fast it’s impossible to keep up with.

Here’s just some of the opportunities you have to choose from today:

  • Google Places
  • Google Adwords – Online Google advertising
  • Similar Ad programs from the “other” search engines
  • Social media advertising
  • Check-In programs: FourSquare, Facebook Places, etc.
  • SMS – Text messaging advertising, if you are interested in SMS check out SMS reseller white label software for the best prices.
  • QR Codes
  • Mobile Coupons
  • Mobile Ads
  • Reviews
What are the key new components that every small local business should pay attention to?
If you don’t do any of the above and want to be/stay in the game, make sure you have an account with Google Places.
Also, take the time to set up your Google business account and populate as much information as possible, including relevant keywords and phrases to aid in the SEO process.
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