Video on the Web

There are so many ways to embed video on a website these day. You can create your video in almost any format and then……

  • upload to YouTube and use the embed code to place the video on your website. You must be able to work in the html wilderness for a little bit in order to do this.
  • Upload to any one of hundreds of other online video repositories (,flickr, google video, yahoo video, etc.) for embedding, either by a direct link or html code link. Many of these have associated advertising attached to the video player and can make your website look cheesy.
  • Prepare the video for web usage and FTP the video up to a folder on your (or someone else’s server) and create and place the code needed to play it online. This required some web file transfer knowledge; if you don’t have it – do one of the first two.
  • Get your web dude to prepare and upload it for you – easy and shouldn’t be too expensive. If they charge a lot, call me (218-831-2284)  ; { ).
  • Use Amazon A3 for storage and get the preparation uploader from Mike Stewart.