Top Ten Website Tips to make your business site more effective.

1. Traffic – get them to your site.

2. Conversion – get them to respond

Know Your Audience – speak in their jargon, write for 4th graders

  1. Keep navigation simple – allow users to easily navigate the site.
  2. Response or load time – needs to be quick.
  3. Visually highlight “Calls to Action”, ie, phone numbers, buy now, etc.
  4. Keep you pages short – try to avoid scrolling, only 10% will scroll.
  5. Avoid lots of text – break up long pages with more nav or link options.
  6. Allow for scanning – use short sentences, headlines, bullet/numbered lists.
  7. Check spelling and grammar – don’t look like a dummy.
  8. Footer navigation – don’t leave them hanging- site map, contact, etc.
  9. Contact info on all pages!


  • flash designs
  • pop-ups
  • auto audio
  • links to external pages
  • counters
  • too much movement
  • intro splash pages
  • tiny fonts
  • too many social networking buttons