Crosslake Area Tree Service

Lakeview Tree Company – Crosslake, MN

Jason Preble got my name from owner Dan Dean. I set Dan up several years ago with an online store that’s kickin’ bootie! Jason has been in the competitive tree services business for over 20 years. As you know, there are a bunch of similar services available all over, especially in the heavily wooded regions of the U.S.

This original site was a Do-It-Yourself special we see a lot of these. After while the business owner finally figures out that, without SEO and a responsive design, you really have nothing.

We revamped the site pulling the little bit of content we could find. We wanted to highlight the main services:

SEO – The Key to Success

With this kind of regional service it’s important to add locales to the SEO strategy. When someone is searching for “tree service crosslake” for example, Jason’s site has to be there prominently on page one.

The new site features a responsive design on a WP platform. Sites must be responsive today, it’s a must! We have developed an SEO strategy to compete and win against the legions of competition out there.

We combine a page by page formula to draw visitors into any number of interior pages on the website, beyond just the home page. I don’t care what page the visitor enters the site on, just so they get there!

Most web services espouse SEO, but really don’t have a clue. When they fail to draw traffic for their client, they try to push them into Adwords and other black holes. It’s very easy to quickly see if there’s a solid SEO strategy implemented into the website. This will be the subject of a future post.

Our Goal

Our goal is to set up an effective organic SEO strategy to avoid having to pay for prominence. We have used the same strategies for for 15 years, longer than anyone else in Minnesota. These strategies worked then, and they work now.

We feel strongly if our customer doesn’t benefit from our work, we don’t deserve them.