Video and SEO

Video is the hottest thing going on the web. If you’ve been thinking lately about starting a blog or setting up a Twitter account, you’re still slightly behind the curve.  Everyone’s talking about video now… and with good reason.  It’s entertaining, it’s easy to find and consume, and it engages viewers in a way that text simply cannot.

Video is on a meteoric rise, and shows no signs of slowing soon.  Along with that trend, there is a growing segment of the online audience that has begun favoring sites that use video over sites that just have text.

Additionally, video advertising is the fastest-growing form of online advertising.  On just YouTube alone, the number of advertisers rose tenfold in the past year.

That means all your competitors are out there using video to steal away your customers… and it’s probably working.

I’ve been working in search engine optimization for nearly seven years, and at this point… I would rather have a video I created showing up on the first page of Google results than my website… because videos in search results are almost certainly receiving more clicks than standard website listings.